Ed Kreiner

Life Coach and Pastor

Ed Kreiner specializes in transformational coaching. He says, “Nearly all of life's change and challenge issues are designed to be addressed on a new level, or a different level - not simply by trying harder, or making greater commitments. So often the answer lies internally, hidden away as a part of our design, like a dormant seed waiting to be discovered, watered and brought to life and fruition. As a coach, I don't teach you the answers, but I help you discover what is already there. Such discovery creates a refreshing and energizing means to address the change and challenge you are facing. It's literally transformational!"

Ed Kreiner's personal depth of resources gleaned from 40 years of pastoral and leadership experience prove helpful when the coaching conversation requires seasoned insights. More importantly, his intuitive abilities are honed through the practice of guiding literally hundreds of people through transformational change.

Ed greatly values the uniqueness of each person. He is “totally present" in each coaching conversation. He offers his clients the benefit of a professionally trained Life and Leadership Coach as well as a veteran guide through life's challenges. Ed absolutely loves partnering with his clients, accompanying them on their journey to discover personal insights, to develop and achieve a resultant growth plan and to successfully navigate through change and challenge. He is more than a coach; you will find Ed to be an easily approachable, trustworthy companion who offers you support, encouragement and accountability throughout your entire coaching journey.

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