Lynda Holt

Director at School of Infinite Learning

The School of Infinite Learning was created by Paralympian Lynda Holt and Health Advocate Christopher Hardy to fill a void in peoples lives where people have a poor mindset and a need for behavioural change.  

Mind and body wellness is paramount to us all living lives to the fullest without limitations. To achieve our potential in life, we can learn and master the principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), which teaches us the essential skills required to communicate effectively, become agents of change and to model desired behaviours.

Our carefully crafted courses which are presented by our Lead Trainer Lauren Jobson are focused on providing you with the tools to become the leader, creator and success that you should be, but lacked the tools and confidence to achieve them.

Lauren is an internationally recognized trainer in NLP, Matrix Therapies, Time Line Therapy, hypnosis, Master Practitioner in Archetypal Coaching and discovering passion, purpose and your quest techniques. She has been sharing this wisdom and making it her mission to empower others since 2005. Lauren is the former Vice Chair Person of the Australian Board of NLP (the governing board of NLP for Australia) and is a full member of IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapists).

The field of NLP was co-created in the 1970-’s by Richard Bandler and linguist John Grinder who pondered the question: What makes the difference between someone who excels at a skill and someone with basic competence? From this they developed technology around how we take in information through our senses (neurology), translate it into language (linguistic), and make patterns or mental models (programs) that influence our behaviour.

There are many barriers in life that traditional Universities and trade schools don’t address. The School of Infinite Learning courses will teach you how to identify, assess and overcome these obstacles, making reaching both your goals attainable and achievable.

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