Ahmed Abdellatif

Mechanical Engineer, Graduate Teaching Assistant

Hi ! My name is Ahmed. I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cairo University.

I love teaching, I work as a teaching assistant at Cairo University beside studying for my masters degree in Mechanical Design Field.

For the past 5 years I've built my own experience through working on some amazing projects; I've designed and manufactured two small formula style racing cars, presented my designs in UK and Germany and raced with one of those cars in Sliverstone circuit. 

Study Interests

Mechanical design: Design of machine elements, Product design ,Mechanical system design, and, Computer Aided Design

Solid mechanics: Stress analysis, Structure mechanics, Elasticity and Plasticity and, Failure analysis.

System dynamics: Theory of machines and mechanisms design, Modeling and simulation, robotics, Mechanical vibrations and, Automatic control, Vehicle Dynamics.

I'am here to share my experience with you through the courses I teach in CAD & Programming. 


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