Kristin Duke

Homesteader/Farmer at MrAnimal Farm

I am a co-owner, alongside my husband Justin, of MrAnimal Farm, LLC.  

MrAnimal Farm is a mini-farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  We raise Nigerian Dwarf goats and several breeds of chickens (including Silkies, Orpingtons and Marans).  We are avid gardeners and homesteaders.  

Our goal is to provide quality animals to customers as well as to help educate and inform those wanting to take part in homesteading endeavors.  In our "city life"  (before we move to the farm) we both held roles that involved teaching and training others.  We are now melding that teaching expertise with our homesteading knowledge to help simplify things for others just getting started.  To this end, we published an eBook line on Kindle "Homesteading Made Easy as 1-2-3" in 2015 to which we add new books regularly.  

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