Dmytro Zinoviev

Dmytro Zinoviev


I live in Ukraine.

For more than 5-years I am helping people around the world to learn drawing and three-dimensional design and simulation in Autodesk Inventоr.

More than seven years ago, when I first started to understand all this, I experienced exactly the same problems, which you may be experiencing now.

Where to start creating a new project? How to set up a software for own needs and work specificity?

Are you correct in starting your project? Indeed, it is important that you do not make mistakes at the beginning, not to come to a standstill with your problems and not to quit using the software.

All talk about the advantages in speed of 3D modelling as compared to 2D drawing. But do you feel that speed? Or you still have a desire to return to the traditional drawing techniques?

Are you familiar with these things? I have gone through every of them on my own!

And I felt just terrible, when I could not independently learn this or that function, when I was sitting hours over one and the same simple part, when I could not prepare drawing in accordance with business standard and, as a result, impeded the issuance of the draft.

In order to successfully address these challenges and learn the correct, comfortable and quick operation in the software, it took me a very long time, and I have gone through a great amount of information (most of which was useless).

After receiving the necessary skills, I spent years to perfect them.

In the end I gained a HUGE experience in the field of three-dimensional design, and received the following specific results:

I organized a company, which is already for more than five years is helping people around the world in the studying various Autodesk software: Inventor, AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Revit.

Many people, especially in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Germany, United States, and many more, already know our company – Vertex Studio.

At the time of writing these lines we have helped more than 27,000 students!

We are maintaining our own website and newsletter, create video tutorials and courses. We actively propagate a professional approach to running education materials (you can ensure it is true, by looking at our tutorials in free access).

Since recently we successfully provide online advice on work in these software programs.

In addition, our studio has a large number of projects for real clients. Our projects are famous for high accuracy and speed of their implementation.

And our movement forward continues.

I wish you good luck!

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