Digi Strats

7-Figure Investor|$5 Million Digital Marketing Illusionist

Digital Asset Investing

Focusing on digital asset investments with valuations of 7-figures & up including a portfolio of companies that include:

-Part of investor consortium that executed buyout of a 7-figure SEO SaaS investment that generates over $50,000 per month in earnings
-Apart of investor group rolling up amazon affiliate sites switching their business model from pure affiliate to a physical product eCommerce model

Black Arts Digital Marketing

With over $5 million in product sales from information and software products, I uncover the true secrets of top six-figure and seven-figure marketers - the same marketers that sell products without telling you the true way to make wealth online.

Product Creation

A specialist with multiple $100,000+ product launches in the fields of:

-Social Media & Facebook Marketing
-Wordpress (html5, UI/UX, themes)
-List building

Some "black arts" marketing achievements include:

-Founder of 2 seven-figure and 1 six-figure company
-Creating a webinar sequence grossing $50,229 in just 5 days without even a product
-Selling 1,000 units of a software product in under 45 minutes
-Forging a $60,000+ affiliate promotion and dozens of $10,000 affiliate campaigns

Venture Capital & Investments

-Founded an Incubator with 2 "black arts" portfolio companies
-Angel investor in a startup recently valued at over $10 million increasing my investment by over 250% in just a little over a year

Traveling & Internationalization

-Master at lifestyle design mixing online ventures with perpetual travel
-Lived in 6 different countries across 4 different continents
-Knowledgeable in 5 languages
-Expert in structuring offshore strategy for online businesses
-Organizer of black arts marketing masterminds in exotic locations
-Managing 20+ remote staff members with primary operations in the Philippines and India

My Story

I wasn't always a "black arts" marketer & investor. Quite the contrary stuck in a dungy 5 square meter room where rats ran across the hall when I opened the door in the morning I worked in a 80 hour a week job trying to make it.

At one point I was so broke I slept on a pillow made from a 4 pack of Brawny 3-ply paper towel rolls…

Coming across a "scammy" squeeze page for a membership recommended by a client I was doing web design for that cost $97/month, which I didn't have at that time, I decided to take the plunge. The video with this "guru" promised that if applied the secret black magic techniques could help me launch a six-figure business.

What did I have to lose? Worst case there was a 30-day money back guarantee so I hustled during those first 30-days.

In less than 30-days I l sold a simple information product that grossed over $20,000 in a niche market that a few days before I knew nothing about.

Thank god I didn't hesitate. A couple months later I still remember the shocked look on my bosses face when I put in my 2 week's resignation notice. At this point I was making 3 times as much running my own business.

I am thankful that I have been blessed with the success and the freedom I have achieved learning the nuts & bolts of the internet space over the past few years & currently funneling that knowledge to build a private equity portfolio of digital asset investments.

Our Mission

Our current goal is to:

a) expose the "black arts" secrets of marketers to show you how we really make their money - to show you the true profit-generating secrets
b) teach growth by acquisition including how to acquire 6-figure & 7-figure assets for only 10% down using leverage, turn those investments passive, restructure the companies & even execute no-money down deals

I've sold millions of dollars worth of products and I'm going to take you behind the scenes of how I do it via case study after case study. I'll be transparent even when it comes to my Udemy income, how much these courses & webinars make and how our private equity portfolio is performing.. No holds barred.

Just like I was, so many people are stuck in 9 to 5 jobs with no motivation, no hope and no focus. If you stick with us at DigiStrats I promise that I will give you the most actionable road map to success with online marketing & digital asset acquisitions.

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