Dexter Paglinawan

The Accidental Marketer for the #1's

Have you ever encountered a web page, a written material, or a video (offline or online) that grabbed your attention, stirred your desire and played with your thoughts… a way that left you wanting more - making you continue to the point you're happily compelled to do something (like join a cause, visit a web page, contact a person, register for an event, buy products, etc.)?

Well, that's what I do.

Hi, my name is Dexter Paglinawan... your "Accidental Marketer for the #1's", author of the book "Awesome ASS: Marketing" and "Saan Napunta ang Pera ni Juan" (Where Did Johnny's Money Go), a now cult-like infomarketing video that got over 1M total views in less than 3 weeks (tough job for a non-comedy, non-celebrity, non-kiddie related vid).

I help business owners, professionals and organizations craft their marketing message that make their customers submit to their bidding (in fun, cool, ethical ways).

In short, I persuade people to take action through copywriting – the art and science of persuasion in print.

I've written marketing pieces promoting wellness & beauty products, guitar manuals, business opportunities and my recent 'accidental' gig – spreading wildfire messages for events (to fill-up venues that hold hundreds to thousands of people) where #1s in different fields are involved.

I'm far from your typical formal guy. Often times, you'd see me wearing sneakers while other people would stick their feet inside a leather.

As you may already know, there are a lot of people running around trying to convince you that they have all the answers...

Well, unfortunately, I don't have ALL the answers for you.

Heck, I can tell you that my friends are way better than me in a lot of things. Some of my closest ones would even refer to me as 'slow' hahaha – and I don't have a problem with that!

But I believe that I have SOME of the answers…

...and I think the answers I have for you are pretty important and useful for your business.

You can treat me as your rebel classmate back in high school. Simply, someone you could fist bump with and would go against authority if they go against you wrongly.

I love my friends and family.
I love freedom.
I love the beach.
I love travelling.
I love to play guitar.
I love to learn continuously.
I love to rock!

My principle in relationship & business is simple --- I exist to help you to an easier and better entrep life.

I'd like to have a doctorate degree in finding ways to get lazy and productive at the same time... but I still believe there's no substitute to smart-hard work.

At the present, I consult and create high-impact marketing materials for clients at the comforts of my home, as a happy work-at-home dad.

If you're reading this, thanks for stopping by... and good luck to your ventures.

I'd really love to get in touch with you.

I wish you all the best and hope to hear more about your success.


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