Deepa Rama

University Lecturer, IELTS teacher, Trainer

Hi, I'm Deepa. 

I am a University Lecturer, IELTS Teacher Trainer and I am passionate about education. 

I have many years of experience in lecturing and teaching IELTS to learners from around the world. 

I have a very versatile teaching style, that means I can easily adapt my teaching to the students needs. I take time to ensure that my lessons are student centered, that is the student is getting enough practical experience throughout all of my courses. 

All of my courses and future courses, I can ensure that I take on a very hands on approach, I make sure that, I use creative and innovative means to explain the concepts to my students. I also ensure that the student end goals are centered throughout my lecturing.

I focus on 'learn by doing' that's what I like to say. Even in my courses I ensure my students are doing something whilst the course is progressing. 

I completed my tertiary education in the U.K. where I obtained my BSC in Accounting and Finance, my MSC in Business Management and my CELTA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. I am currently in the process of completing my PHD in Entrepreneurship specifically Ethnic Entrepreneurship. 

I am currently also running two online businesses and in my spare time I lecture at SIST university in Morocco. This is where I am currently based. Where I am now currently lecuturing on the BSC programs, MBA programs and as a supervisor for thesis and dissertations. 

My experience so far in education is far reaching, I really make it a point to make every individual student the center of my learning. 

So why not join me on one of my learning journeys. 

I promise that you will not be disappointed! 


"Miss Deepa, I I have never sent an email thanking a teacher for teaching me. So Thank You so much for always being at your best and making sure everyone of us understands and get the lesson very well. "Balkis- Morocco" 

"Mrs Deepa, what a fantastic lecturer/teacher you are, I really enjoy every one of your unique ways of keeping us on task in the lessons" "Zakaria - Morocco"

I have come to enjoy being in your classes so much that I dont want to leave :) You have really made me enjoy my IELTS journey. "Adriana- Chile" 

"A good approach to speaking and demonstrating concepts- thank you" "Diana- Romania"

"Wonderful teaching style and a wonderful person - thank you for your hardwork" - Paula -Spain

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