My name is Deborah Casey and I have been attuned to Reiki since 2003.  I have studied and qualified in various holistic therapy modalities.  I have also worked in different community locations as a volunteer providing brief therapy sessions to local people and now provide free distance healing via a facebook group once weekly. 

I digressed my Reiki path and studied nursing and worked in many health care facilities mainly looking after elderly people who loved the Reiki energy - they were very sensitive and could feel the energy flowing which they often would take hold of my hands and just gaze at me as they absorbed the Reiki love.  

When Deborah is not recording courses she is found down at the riverside recording videos of the beauty offered by nature and she uploads and shares them in her facebook group where free short meditations and distance healing (once weekly) is offered.

So I hope you will find this offering enjoyable, energising and refreshing.  Reiki is a life changing therapy, both as a healing modality but also a life development tool.  I am grateful to the many Reiki masters who have aided my return to my Reiki path and practice, and blessed to share here on this platform.  

Teachers and lessons come to us in many disguises, the good, the bad and the real ugly; it's our perception of the lesson offered that is important... Can we see the value of the moment, the experience and letting go with grace and blessings.

Deborah, offers a slow, quiet, calming approach to your learning experience... Because life is so hectic, fast and rushed she wishes to share a space and place where you can break away from the madness of a rapid and chaotic world. 

P.S. People often assume learning and practicing Reiki makes one 'Spiritual' and that makes us 'nice' and that is part of the Reiki path however it also means one does not have to be subject to and accept being the victim of bullying, projection and so on... those lessons allow us to develop confidence, strength etc. 

Reiki practitioners are not weeping willows, or soft touches, but powerful allies; they are highly sensitive and as such must have, or develop, confidence, strength etc otherwise their system crashes which is not good for the people who come for assistance.  If that makes a Reiki person 'not nice' then it is time to review your perception!

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