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Welcome and thank you for taking your time to drop by to read my profile.  My names Deborah Casey and I am a fully qualified, registered nurse with over 13 years’ experience in the health care profession.  I have experienced the in house mandatory training required by all health professionals to take, no matter their positon.  I found this in house training to be insufficient and inadequate; rushed and hurried - employees are in/out and keep the cost down!

From this I was able identify gaps which led me to create Udemy courses; my courses aim to supplement your in house training but anyone anywhere in our amazing world will benefit.  Both informal and formal care givers accessing these courses gain life time access to video lessons, manuals, journals, quizzes and articles, but more importantly to community and you are encouraged to engage in peer review through connecting with others in the work place or a friend who you can discuss your learning with.  This allows for a deeper understanding to happen and this embeds your learning at that deeper level.

I energise each course with passion and enthusiasm as I have a personal agenda; that is to give you supplemental tools and support to aid your growth, development and empowers you to be the most excellent care giver you wish to be.

I am so passionate about supporting as many people as far and wide as possible so that as they give the best care to others they too receive support from the Udemy platform where we are able to meet in the ether; and taking this desire to help even more people 50% of profit courses listed is donated to the British Red Cross.

I look forward to meeting you in the course and the community forum and I hope one day soon we can meet in live casting where we can discuss our progress, development and our achievements and application of learning to practice.  I wish you many sincere blessings and best wishes as we take this journey together.

Wow! This is just amazing... I am honoured, privileged and blessed thank you :)

Deborah Casey

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