Consultant OT & Accredited Healthcare Trainer

I am an Occupational Therapist and Accredited Healthcare Trainer who combines education and practical self-help strategies, tips, and techniques to enable students to gain improved purpose and understanding, aiming to fulfil meaningful life aspirations. 

I feel lifelong growth is important for us all. I firmly believe in education, learning and exposing ourselves to as many experiences as we can. None of us understands everything but I feel we can all gain from sharing what we do know. I can offer insight and knowledge from over 30 years’ experience of working with people in their own homes and in healthcare settings in the UK and US. I would like to share that to motivate and inspire you to learn more about yourself, those you love and care for and gain a greater understanding of the people around you.

I focus particularly on trying to simplify complex issues to make them understandable and relevant and by providing opportunities to put into practice learned content. I have helped individuals and families to improve lifestyle and health condition management, have better self directed health and wellbeing, reduced stresses and strains related to injury, illness or trauma, enhanced focus, gain a sense of purpose and develop meaningful activity and productivity. 

My ultimate aim is to empower more people to have happiness day to day at home and work.  I also encourage feedback from students to continue my own learning along the way!

Over 75% of the individuals I have worked with have successfully returned to some form of occupation and 98% of families reported improved satisfaction, quality of life, control, better overall health and general fitness. Many demonstrated restored harmony in close relationships, made better lifestyle choices and developed improved long term engagement and happiness.

The teaching materials, tips and advice included within the course have been developed by listening to clients and those close to them to create systems and applications that practically work. They have been used by individuals, their families, care staff and with employers to extend and expand their own skills. 

The courses offered use a LEARN, SEE, DO format to simplify learning and highlight why something might occur, how this may present itself and what can be done to address the problem. Practical implementation of the teachings has contributed to increased wellness and overall success for those involved. I would very much like to help you make a similar journey towards a better long term quality of life both in and out of the home and work environment.

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