Debbie Levitt

Interaction Designer, UX Consultant, and Product Designer

Hi! I'm Debbie. My UX world started in college in the early 90s. Outside of my major, I studied Psychology, Psychology of Music, and Psychology of Language. When I started my own website design company in 1995, I wanted us to build websites based on how people naturally think, act, and move around interfaces.

It was UX before it was UX!

My website company is still alive, but my main world is Ptype (formerly known as Brass Flowers), my consulting company. I do UX consulting and interaction design for startups and companies of all sizes. I've also had contract jobs at agencies, Wells Fargo, and Sony doing desktop and mobile interaction design.

I've been using Axure nearly daily since early 2011. I do local and remote live training on Axure at all levels and for all kinds of audiences and roles. But since I'm so often asked for the same lessons, I decided to make a set of video classes.

Through my consulting company, Ptype, we are one of just a handful of companies (worldwide) recommended by Axure as a trainer. 

If you need more personalised instruction, please contact me for a training proposal.

Thanks, and go build something!

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