Seven Boats Info-System Pvt. Ltd. was floated by Debajyoti Banerjee, an experienced and enterprising Internet marketer. Academically, he is a B.Tech in Computer Engineering and Post Graduate in Marketing Management. Having worked in various online marketing companies, he has amassed a wealthy body of experience. The challenges of the online industry have unfurled before him and his team. With a characteristic ability to keep calm in the face of frenzied activity, he has been able to meet these hurdles head on. His ability as a problem solver has earned praise from his superiors and employers. Because of his innovative thinking and hunger to grow as a professional, he decided to strike out on his own with 7Boats - SEO company India. He has received "Indian Leadership Award for Industrial Development" 2012 at national level by All India Achievers Foundation.


What makes Banerjee a trustworthy business partner is his firm belief in the old school way of conduct with a perfect blend of new-age thinking. A stickler for punctuality, he does not resort to underhand means for short-term profit. His biggest strength is the belief that the straight path is the shortest route to success. Despite temptations of quick profit, he does not move away from the best practices of Internet marketing. His domain knowledge about search engine optimization and other associated areas allow him the privilege of making informed choices. Research is a key area that Banerjee focuses on. He studies the trends and the competition before starting off the online marketing campaign. That saves time and also makes for better planning.


Debajyoti helps other businesses to transform their online presence, to attract new leads and to convert their prospects by his expert web consultancy. In his own words,” You don’t have to be a big brand to leverage digital media. Every click, every search, every tweet is an opportunity to engage them and to turn clicks into customers. Your clients are ready to buy. The question is – are you ready to be found? Online marketing can help take your business to the next level and I have founded Seven Boats to fully get involved to help your business grows, more as a true partner in your success.” He further adds… provides unique and cost effective web consulting solutions to other businesses. It’s similar to origami. From a plain simple paper helps you to make a simple nice boat and make sure that it sails well. Similar to that plain paper, there are various open source software, applications and cost effective market resources available in front of our eyes and Seven Boats Info-system helps your business to grow by putting together all those resources and by making a solid, robust Internet marketing solution, which is also very affordable and simple.


It’s more than SEO. It’s not only 5-10 keywords ranking top in search engine. Only top ranking keywords can’t bring business growth. In-fact our job starts at that point. We focus on overall business growth and conversion optimization. Unlike other companies and SEO freelancer, we put stress on ROI and gradual improvement of your sales revenue. We create your business website, you get it found on web and we then make sure people come to your website, like it, stay more time on site and take a call to action.


We help businesses with our techno-marketing strategies and web consultancy in each stage. Our clients can easily measure the progress from analytics in terms of targeted traffic, low bounce rate, increased conversion and increased sales revenue. We don’t make false promises and deliver only what we feel we can deliver.


Nobody can guarantee number 1 rank in google or other search engines, even Google says it too, you need to build your business website with right content, right structure, right planning and obviously for your users, not only for search engines and we help you to build not only just a website, rather a complete effective web business. You would see gradual incremental improvement and many great insights about your business over time by availing our Internet marketing services.”

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