Dawie Thomas

Management Consultant

Dawie Thomas, the founder of Leverbox Consulting has always been inspired and fascinated by the mysterious existence of human beings. His passion for personal morality, human psyche and team dynamics is what led him to pursue a career in formulating strategic solutions and systems allowing one to better understand themselves, and those who surround them.

As humans, we are self-conscious.

This might seem obvious, but this reality allows us to become aware of what we think and feel and more importantly, it provides us with the freedom to change how we think.

Leverbox Consulting provides an expert service to those in leadership, teams or any individual or group, aspiring to be developed through the broadening of perspectives and challenged thinking.

Dawie understands the close connection between what we believe and what we value. Many organizations attempt to realign the values of employees in accordance to its vision and Leverbox Consulting is here to assist by unpacking the energy drawn from belief and capitalising on the potential which is generated by creating a cultural movement.

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