Dave Erickson

Online Content Creator, Multimedia Producer, TV Broadcaster

My name is Dave Erickson. I'm a multimedia producer, entrepreneur and former TV News Anchor with more than 20 years of experience. I've produced well over 5,000 videos for television and Youtube.

One of my favorite specialties is covering the sport of triathlon as a on-site reporter and videographer for the World Triathlon Corporation. To date, I've produced well over 2,000 triathlon race related videos and reports. I'm also a 4x Ironman finisher.

Another area I excel in is Automotive Journalism. I write, produce, host, shoot and edit weekly episodes of Everyman Driver Car Reviews. I'm lucky enough to drive a new car every week and in return produce new car reviews for more than 70,000 subscribers and Facebook fans online.

I look forward to helping you dominate online!

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