dave dahl

Ex Oil & Gas Thermal Engineer - Now Amazon Launch Master

From Homeless To Flying To Work 4 times a Month When I Looked Up One Day at a Jet and asked How Can People Afford to do that so often was impossible to me at the time..

Fast forward 45 - 60 days later i was was flying to work and making 90k a year. it wasn't a deliberate creation but opened my eyes to nothing is out of our reach if we take action with the attitude the failure is no option.

Hello im Dave Dahl and for the past 6 years iv spent a lot of time (5489 hours studying past 6 years part time) not including the lesson’s learned from my own success not including cash iv spent on learning from the best like the frank kerns to Brendon berchards to Dan Kenney’s and Dan Hollings, jeff walker and Ezra fire stone to know what really works in ecom.

For Past 2 years iv been on Amazon, selling privet label product right from the start and right out the gate after two week’s I hit page #1 using uncommon ways to drive traffic to my stuff on amazon in Beauty. 

Amazon losing my inventory on big products launch to ending up teaching the amazon rep what to do to fix this nightmare fast over the phone by creating a  new sku and transfer that inventory to that sku automatically saving me $2k  to having a killer comeback launch from a total flop as i was taking in sales with  zero reviews and had to pick and pack those sales asap. 

What Drove Those Crazy Sales Out The Gate At Full Price.? 

I simply used 1 great strategy from 8 others you’ll learn in this course from simple sales funnels Press Releases , YouTube and Native Ads plus some  secret strategies that make all the Big Difference.

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