I'm an IT Consultant with Master Degree in Information Systems and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.  I have been working with computers since young age of 14.  

I have been an independent contractor since 1998 and have worked as both a employee and contractor to IBM.  I have worked as a contractor for CSC, BAE, FAA, USGS, US Commerce and many local government agencies.

I started as a developer but have moved on to managing networks, email, Linux and Windows environment.  I have held certifications, MCSE, CCNA, CLP, RHCSA and RHCE.  

I installed Linux for the first time in 97 and have opportunity to manage AIX, Solaris, RH, and several other Linux variants in my career.

I worked as government intern in late 80s where I specialized in Office Productivity products, Lotus 123, Word Perfect and DBASE.  I was considered an expert with Lotus 123, and was loaned out to varies government agencies repairing and designing spreadsheets.  I have been working with Office Productivity products for over 30 years.

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