Darran Hughes

Coaching in Clarity, Confidence, Creativity & Connection Leading to Increased Performance

Guiding You as Business Owners, Leaders and Managers to Uncover Your Optimum Self, through Deep Insight, Full Engagement, Vivid Expression, and Lasting Impact.

Following over 15 years of successfully building and leading 8 figure businesses on both sides of the Atlantic, I've spent the last 3 years focusing on providing training, coaching and consulting support to small business owners, leaders and managers in understanding and developing "themselves and others" as a core foundation to developing both their businesses, and their own sense of "self". A foundation from which they achieve greater clarity in their vision; confidence in their decisions; creativity in their solutions; and connection in their relations, leading to improved personal performance and greater business results.

Whether you're feeling stressed out under pressure; anxious about what the future holds; confused by the overwhelming options; stuck and unable to move forward; or losing all sense of connection with your colleges, clients, family or friends, the solutions exists somewhere inside you. My role is to guide you along the path to it's discovery, and in the process really discover YOU!  

Utilising the many years of experience and tens of thousands in cash I've invested in my own development, my methodology applies the combined and cumulative impacts of executive coaching, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and the fundamentals behind "the human experience" of trans-formative personal and business coaching. In essence, I uncover the truth of who people are, how they operate, and work with you to develop a different but highly effective perspective on your world, and a strategy that moves you forward to achieve your true mission, goals and objectives.

If you're interested in finding out more, then reach out through the contact links in my profile, and I'll speak to you soon.     

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