Darius Tan

Software Sales Professional

I want to share how to get entry level sales jobs because sales has been great to me. The work life balance is great - I work on average 40 hours a week, which gives me time to spend on the ones I love and hobbies.

It also doesn't hurt that in 2016, I made just over $300,000. The money has given me the freedom to support my mom and dad while letting me travel the world with no worries. Moving forward, I see myself conservatively making $200,000/yr. I hope that I can start a couple of you on that path as well. 

Career highlights:
- I've closed enterprise companies like Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yahoo
- I've closed deals worth over $1,000,000
- At my last 2 large company sales jobs, I was ranked #1/10 and #3/18

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