Darcy Sullivan

Digital Marketing and Social Media Guru

Darcy Sullivan is a digital marketing and design expert with over a decade of experience working with companies ranging from small businesses to large organizations.

Acting as a marketing coach, she helps small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs put together marketing plans to help grow their businesses. She focuses on educating businesses on strategies, technologies, and provides them tools for creating an optimized presence in the traditional, social media, web, and mobile web.

Her ‘no fluff’ attitude, makes her courses perfect for businesses who want to create a clear marketing plan that’s easy to execute, in a timely manner with limited resources.

Topics she teaches include social media, public relations, branding, email marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), content/inbound marketing, blogging, web design (WordPress), digital advertising, PPC (Pay-Per-Click), mobile marketing, Search Engine Marketing, lead generation, and traditional forms of marketing.

In 2011, Darcy Sullivan started the company Propel Marketing & Design, Inc. with the simple vision to help small businesses and entrepreneurs propel their companies forward. In addition to working with small businesses through Propel, she is also a public speaker and has created a number of marketing and social media workshops for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups.

Darcy Sullivan holds a Bachelor of Science from Purdue University, with a Major in Computer Graphic Technology, and a Minor in Art and Design.

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