Danny is a multy skilled professional. Anything he does he loves to teach and teaches well and clear:Trumpet playing, Marketing and management,spiritual development and more. 
Danny is 62 years old, loves everything he does. 

Trumpet: Danny has been playing since the age of 10. As a teenager, he had bad trumpet habits, due to starting off with a non professional teacher. This was very frustrating. At 21, he took on a new teacher, and started from scratch and after 2 years! achieved his wonderful playing, but never took it as his main career. He has been playing and teaching ever since and from 2006 sold many "How to play the Trumpet" Discs online. 

Danny is a professional marketing expert, and since 2010 is in to spiritual healing and teaching.  

Danny LOVES teaching and everything he does, he teaches.

Hope you enjoy!   

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