Danielle Palli won her first creative writing award at the age of six, and by age fifteen, she had already been published in the Writer's Journal. Originally from Pennsylvania, she moved to Manhattan to attend New York University, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Media and Global Communications. After becoming enamored with theoretical physics, Eastern Philosophy and martial arts in college, she began studying a mix of martial arts styles, drawn primarily to Tai Chi and Bagua, before eventually gravitating toward Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. For many years, her writing centered around philosophy and exploring the “what ifs" in the universe. In the fall of 2000, she began teaching yoga full time, later adding Pilates and meditation to her practice and classes. She then went on to earn her Master's of Professional Writing degree from Chatham University.

Danielle relocated to Florida in 2005 and opened Birdland Media Works in 2006, offering writing, editing, publicity, marketing and virtual assistance services. Now in it's ninth year, she continues to provide feature articles about business, travel, music, arts & entertainment and health & wellness. On the creative scene, Danielle is also a ghostwriter for online blogs, books and news articles and writes sci-fi/fantasy and mystery/suspense fiction. Along the education front, she publishes books and curricula related to spirituality, health, yoga and meditation. She is the author of the Acting Out Yoga series, contributing author for Yoga in America, and head writer for Inspire, a five-session spirituality program published by Masterpiece Living, and Resilience, a ten-session workshop that integrates successful aging best practices developed by the Masterpiece team. To date, Danielle Palli also has more than 600 published articles to her credit.

Danielle is probably best known as Metromix's former “Traveling Food Girl" (2008-2012), where she has written restaurant reviews, conducted chef interviews and discussed fine wine and world cuisine. She has also been on location, reporting about concerts, festivals and other special events and made regular guest appearances on MAX 98.3 and Studio 10. Additionally, she spent several years as member of the WTSP 10 News team (2011-2014), reporting about anything and everything that helped shape the Tampa Bay community, including byline articles about travel, music, arts & entertainment and health & wellness. Prior to Metromix, she may also be remembered for her work as staff writer for Positive Changemagazine (2006-2008) and Senior Coordinator for Efest 2007.

In 2013 she completed her 18-month long ministerial training and was ordained through the Wisdom of the Heart Church. Danielle continues to write, teach and develop her creative and philosophical sides. In 2014 Danielle Palli, along with two other colleagues, launched Spark Exchange Advisory, an intuitive consulting and training business, where she is a managing partner.

When she's not working, she enjoys exploring new places, learning the piano, cooking, gardening, studying Spanish, visiting art museums and the theater, nature walks, singing, dancing and – most important – spending time with her husband, three cats and mischievous ferret, Fondue – the star in the second Acting Out Yoga book, Anna in Paris.

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