Golf Lecturer, Teacher, and Trainer


Garrison Pryce learned the game in his teenage years while in the United States under the tutelage of Roger Dunn, on the west coast, and Carl Tyner, on the east coast. Mr Dunn and Mr. Tyner had two different philosophies of the game which allowed for his curiosity, creativity, and playing abilities to flourish.

After only two years playing the game he was able to break 70, and so he traveled the world and played and studied golf as much as time would allow.

Teaching others soon became his passion, and he has set out to share his knowledge of the game to those wanting to learn how to improve their playing abilities and enjoyment of the game.

From juniors to senior citizens, beginners to professionals, private lessons to auditoriums, he has not only helped simplify the game to others, but has helped inspire them to continue pursuit of happiness through golf.


1. Low Stress

2. Positive Outlook

3. Enjoy the Moment

4. Absolute State of Mind


Learn by doing simple concepts that connect to each other naturally. Build confidence and muscle memory that is enjoyable and repeatable :)