Dana "Dow" Jones

Author PoFolks Guide to Stock Trading

I started out as a PoFolk . No one would teach me what I needed to know. So began over 20 years ago trading in the stocks and commodities market . Totally self taught after 5 years of research . I was able to focus in and refine my trading system from the ground up. Using very simple and easy to understand principles of the law of supply and demand . My system was designed for PoFolks By PoFolks For PoFolks. Independent stock/commodities trader now for over 20 years. If I can do this, anyone can! I started with no advanced education. In fact only a high school education. Now this course will help you to skip a lot of the steps I had to take in finding my way. When I decided to enter into this business. There was no course like this.

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