Damion Valencia

Financial Analyst, Trainer, Entrepreneur

I've always had a passion for numbers and finance from an early age. One of my most vivid memories as a kid is around 3 or 4 is having my own play cash register and playing banker. Most kids wanted to be a fireman, or a police officer. I wanted to be a banker. I didn't become a banker but instead went into Finance and financial analysis.

After graduating from Arizona State University with a degree in Finance, I went on to work in financial analysis. I started at a fortune 500 corporate office in Arizona and went on to work for two other large corporations. I love telling a story through numbers, whether, good, or bad, and giving direction to either get out of the bad, or to move towards even better. I've created hundreds of financial models and reports, performed countless other types of analyses, and have given dozens of presentations. I've advised managers, including executive management, on strategic decisions based on my analysis. All this analysis was done in Excel.

I've been heavily using Excel for over 10 years and I wasn't satisfied just having the basic knowledge of what I needed for my job. I now have advanced knowledge of Excel because I never stopped learning. I still study Excel to learn as many tips and tricks I can. This not only makes me a better analyst and my job easier, but I've learned to create more thorough analyses, and more intuitive financial models. In addition, I learn so I can pass this knowledge on to my colleagues, and now on to you.

I've always been the go to guy within my colleague group to help with Excel questions. That's when it hit me. Although, I love being a financial analyst, I knew something was missing. At the time, I was trying to fill some career void through self-improvement and started taking online classes in every subject and discovered Udemy. That's when I thought to myself that I can do that. I worked my way through college as a trainer for an answering service. I truly loved that job and I felt they really liked me as a trainer. People look forward to my presentations now for the same reason, I'm fun.

I'm a big proponent of learning should be fun. I truly believe that it makes for a better learning environment and the students end up being more successful in that environment. Learning objectives should always come first but there is no reason it can't be fun. Learning should not be a dreaded chore. It should be something you look forward to, enjoy, all while getting the benefit of learning a new subject, skill, or topic. I love laughing and making people laugh. Everything is so much more fun for myself and my students when we can add some humor.

That brings me to my courses and what sets my courses apart. Not only do I have the expert knowledge to teach, but my courses are fun and engaging!

If you are interested in Excel, I'm confident I'm the right person to teach you. I'm also confident that you will crack at least a few smiles throughout my course.

See you soon!

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