Damien Stark

Experienced Business Leader

Damien Stark, founder of STARK LEARNING and STARK CONSULTING services is a strategic thinker who acts as a conduit in transitioning technical road-maps to strategic business visions while meeting demanding objectives on time and delivering within budget. Damien has the business knowledge, technical competence, leadership and financial expertise, with strong commitment to high quality and customer service to deliver success within each undertaking.

Damien has 20+ years solid experience, leading cross functional teams (project managers, developers, testers, technical experts, on–shore and off-shore vendors, QA, internal & external customers, and business leaders), delivering complex solutions and projects, and facilitating corporate growth, which he brings to the classroom to create a dynamic educational experience.

Damien is highly proficient in establishing and maintaining standards of excellence for management, programs, and projects, through best practices and industry guidelines, leveraging Six Sigma and ITIL, with innate awareness of industry trends, business conditions and internal processes to ensure success. Now, STARK TRAINING enables individuals to learn these award-winning methods to enhance their knowledge, improve skills and achieve certifications.

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