Daissy Garza

Professional Homemaker

           Mother to 2 children, Daissy takes pride in the family she is growing and tending to. In her free time, she takes part in many hobbies that include gardening, sewing, and cooking. Wife to a truck driver and entrepreneur, she knows what it takes to hold down the fort. She also home-schools her children and enjoys seeing her children learn and flourish. Studying business through college Daissy helps run her family’s businesses through accounting, recording keeping, and much more.

                Daughter to two Mexican immigrants, Daissy has experienced the hard work of her parents on what it takes to sustain a home with her and her 4 sisters. Her parents taught her and her sisters how to care for a home, and so much more. She is now always looking to help others, it’s no wonder teaching is one of the things she finds most rewarding.

                Because of Daissy’s love for family and teaching she has recently decided to teach others whom may want to learn, the skills that she has developed over the years. If you receive the opportunity to take any of her courses you will find that she teaches from the heart and cares if you leave with more than what you came in with.

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