Luca Vavassori

UI/UX Designer

I have been working in the online industry for the past 15 years, and I always had a thing for clean and usable user interfaces.

But it’s only after I quit my Product Manager job and founded my own startup, that I decided I wanted to be the one to design my own products. I didn’t like what the designers I hired were creating, so I just started doing it myself. I took a dive into the amazing world of UI/UX design and started learning and practicing really hard until I produced some decent results.

Fast forward a few years, I am now working as a UI/UX freelancer and consultant, helping other companies creating beautiful and engaging products or re-designing their existing ones.

Learning was the most important aspect of my path to becoming a UI/UX designer, and this is why I started teaching others the skills I acquired over my 7 years of design experience.

I want to teach others what I wished someone taught me years ago, and hopefully help change other people’s lives and careers as I did with mine.  

Hope you'll enjoy my courses!

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