Entrepreneur & SEO Expert Cristian Gebauhr

Entrepreneur, Online Marketer & SEO Expert, Wordpress & IT

My name is Cristian Gebauhr (37). I am a qualified foreign language correspondent for Spanish, English and French. After my training I studied business management (Bachelor) in Mainz (Germany) with a focus on marketing. 

Since 2010 I am an independent entrepreneur and active in online marketing and search engine optimization. During this time, I not only gained a lot of experience, but also successfully started my own company and ranked different business websites in Google, thus earning online income from various sources 

In addition; I have also ranked several clients and achieved Top Rankings in Google for them! Such as: numerous doctors, attorneys, entrepreneurs and private individuals.

Online marketing has enabled me to realize my dream and make money on the Internet.

I am a man of practice and not a theorist! Everything I show you in my courses work in real life!

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