Craig Randall

For 25 Years The Credit Repair Coach

For 25 years, Randall has been known as the "Credit Repair Coach." Having written two best selling books on credit repair, Randall brings his knowledge and expertise to the udemy audience using a calm, easy to listen to voice.

From the author:

After writing my 145 page best selling book, CREDIT REPAIR SECRETS – THE COMPLETE CREDIT SCORE REPAIR BOOK, many of my readers asked me to create a simple, instant credit repair course as well. Basically, they wanted a condensed, fast-start version that would allow them to start improving their credit immediately. This course does just that.

Having dealt with many people, I know that fixing your credit can seem complicated and even intimidating. However, many people just like you have already gone through this process, and came out in great shape. You can too, which is why I tried to make this course the easiest on the market to get you on the road to recovery. Right now. Today. This hour.

Craig Randall
For 25 Years The Credit Repair Coach
Best selling author

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