Craig Beck

Bestselling Author, Speaker and Coach

Craig Beck is a bestselling self-help and personal development author. Previously, he was well known in the United Kingdom as a Sony Radio Academy award winning radio broadcaster. Leaving commercial radio in 2013 to focus on his writing and speaking engagements.

Alcoholism: Craig is often better known as ‘The Stop Drinking Expert’ and has topped self-help bestseller charts around the world with his alcohol cessation books ‘Alcohol Lied to Me’ and ‘The Alcohol Illusion’.

Spirituality & New Thought: He has written several paradigm shifting spiritual books including the acclaimed ‘Fragment of God’ and the Manifesting Magic series.

Self Confidence: Craig is a former hypnotist and NLP master practitioner. His Powerfully Confident range help you push through your comfort zone.

Wealth & Abundance: Get the millionaire mindset today – Powerfully Wealthy… the life changing personal development range.

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