Colin Cromack

Attentional Focus Instructor and Non-Technical Golf Coach

Colin coaches the theory and practical application of the critical psychological skill of Attentional Focus, the neuropsychology behind the golfer's greatest challenge - the ability to focus attention at the right time and in the right place consistently!

Colin is the creator of an independently produced and published applied psychology golf coaching program. It reveals why performance anxiety, not technique, often destroys the swings and putting strokes of both amateurs and professionals in the heat of competition.

Colin specializes in the subject matter of attentional focus, specifically in relation to the game of golf where it is a critical skill to understand and master. However, it is of value in any life and sporting situations where one has time to "think" in the crucial SECONDS before performance eg. tennis serve, archery, rifle shooting, penalty taking in football and rugby etc.

Colin's vision is clear - to help dedicated sports people perform consistently to their technical and physical potential, FREE of destructive conscious technique thoughts!

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