Chris Weeks

Entrepreneur, Simplifier

I have spent my whole life simplifying the difficult things in life and making money to be able to travel and have amazing experiences. Creating opportunities to make life exciting and worth being alive is my primary purpose and I am here to share with you all my knowledge and systems I have learned along the way along with the mistakes I have made for you to avoid, so you can begin to experience the things you have been hoping for and make them come true.

It's much easier for a single guy to travel the world and live off almost nothing so I wanted to be the example of a family man who builds his systems for you with a wife and kids. We also have the challenge of my youngest daughter being special needs and how we create an exciting life around her needs as well.

We have traveled to over 11 different countries, experienced the grand canyon, Hawaii, Niagara Falls, zip lined thru rain forest, African Safari and now own a beach house in Costa Rica.

Within the last year we have minimized all of our "stuff" and gone completely Digital and Paperless to remove the clutter in our lives so when we travel we can have everything we need right with us. We sold a bunch of "stuff" we have not used in years and bought an RV to make life more adventurous in the United States.

Come join us and our courses will walk you step by step how to do what we did and teach you the ease and freedom of simplicity. I am here for any questions you have and will give you 100% of my attention and experience.

Welcome aboard : )

Chris Weeks

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