Chris Towland

The Baby Sleep Man

After nearly two years of research, Chris first launched The Baby Sleep Solution in 2008 as an audio program in both CD and downloadable format..

Since then the program has helped thousands of parents around the world to solve their baby sleep problems. From the USA to Japan and the UK to Australia, Chris has emails from happy parents who have been able to get their first good night's sleep after following the techniques in The Baby Sleep Solution.

Email such as these...

"Hi Chris,

The best solution that worked for me was [........].
It took 3 days to achieve a significant improvement.
45 mins on day 1
8 mins on day 2
Asleep herself on day 3

No further comments except thank you.

"Dear Chris,

First of all let me just thank you for providing excellent useful information to all parents out there.
I have tried the sleep technique number one and it has worked very well for my daughter, a week later she was sleeping on her own without any crying. She still goes to sleep on her own and I am still using the same technique.
I don’t think there is any aspect of the baby sleep solution that needs to be improved, it’s perfect.
Once again, thank you very much for all the tips.
Kind regards,
Dolores Soares"

In the six years since it's initial launch, Chris has continued to gather feedback from parents to further improve the program. Now in 2014, The Baby Sleep is available for the first time in video format here on Udemy.

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