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                  WELCOME TO MY KNOWLEDGE SCHOOL! by Christian Figueroa                                                                                 

                                                   JUST CREATE

As human beings we form part of this vast universe and we all have different callings in life. I myself believe we are in this world to create. 

My passion is creating,  I want to impact the life of others but also inspire them to create.

     ↪   I believe, we are in this world to create.

     ↪  I believe, we are creators, we use the skills that were given to us  and we create remarkable things. 

    ↪  I believe, that every single one of us has a particular skill that can be used to make the world beautiful.  But if you don't know what skill to use I can help you find it, with my classes. 

But it doesn’t matter what skill we have, we all possess the power to create something wonderful out of a simple idea, we just have to have the vision to do so. People from all walks of life can create and that’s the beauty of this, we can all become creators in different ways.


                                                    ABOUT ME

Thank you for taking your time and visit my profile. I really appreciate it. Now your here to learn about me. Here is 3 thing to know.  I'm a lover of knowledge and my outcome is to inspire to inform and to create an impact. What I call the 3 I's. I am a tech enthusiast, photographer, filmmaker. I love helping other people and inspire them to learn new things. My main goal is to provide useful information that people can use in their day to day life. Since we are in this world together I want to help others share their voice also.

                                               MY BACKGROUND

I graduate from Film School from Full Sail University. While studying, I learned different skills like Graphic Design, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Branding and the list go on.

I believe in personal growth, that's why I love learning about different ways to improve our lives. I have been learning from a variety of sources, that's when I decided to create My Knowledge School. So that the knowledge and information that I acquire, I can teach it to other people. 

In my YouTube Channel, Website, and Social Media Networks I share information that I like to learn.


                                      Stay Tuned For Updates

Again thank you for your time for reading my bio. Anything I can help visit my website My Knowledge School or send me an email.

Just Create,

Christian Figueroa

My Knowledge School