Christopher Briggs

Business Strategist

My name is Christopher Briggs and my mission is to reduce the number of businesses that fail and to help business owners achieve extraordinary success.

I am the author of Your Business Foundation and the creator of the Business Foundation System, which I use with my clients to help them build their businesses on the kind of strong foundation on which all successful businesses are built.

From engineering (designing silicon chips) and to marketing, I have 20+ years experience working in the electronics industry. I won many multi-million contacts for the various semiconductor giants I worked for and finally co-founded and built a software company, which I closed in 2009.

Since then I have consulted, coached, trained and helped the owners of micro, small and medium-sized businesses to create the right strategy that will help them successfully grow their business.

During this time I researched why most businesses struggle and ultimately fail and discovered the 3 fundamental elements, Strategy, Systems and Leadership that, if missing, will cause a business to struggle. These elements became the 3 Fundamental Building Blocks that make up the solid foundation that all successful organisations are built on and the basis of what I teach - I even wrote a book on the subject.

As well as successes, I have had my fair share of set backs and struggles. I have got things wrong and wasted precious time, money and energy working to get them right. My successes, my struggles and the huge amount of experience gathered on this journey have given me what I need to help others succeed.

Here are some thoughts from people I have consulted, trained and worked with:

Chris provides clarity and direction. Ian Evans, CEO, IB Technology

Came away feeling calmer and in control of my company’s future. Simon Hall, Owner, Ecostyle – Seminars

Chris helped us strengthen our long-term strategy and find the direction we needed to generate more income and become less reliant on Government funding. Pauline Odulinski, Principal of Aylesbury College.

A powerful framework for businesses of any size. Matthew Trowbridge, Chairman/NED of growing technology companies

Chris possesses the inherent skills and experience to grow business. Chris Gill, President & CEO, Silicon Valley Association of Start-up Entrepreneurs.

Two hours with Chris is like a cerebral flossing! Jenny Fayle, CEO Linfield Group.

Chris builds relationships. He builds trust with partners and customers and aims to achieve results that benefit all. Andrew Poliak, Director of Business Development, QNX Software Systems

Chris has given me new focus and a real drive for expanding my business and maintaining its current high standards. Julie McDonagh, CEO Capulet Care.

Everyone in business can benefit.  Craig Green – Lloyds TSB.

The 3 days went like lightening… I will be implementing all that I've learned.  Angela Hodges, Douglas McMilan Hospice.

By working with Chris we have been able to create the right goals and the processes needed to achieve them. We are working more effectively, are more focused and staying on track. At times our sessions have been exhausting but always very rewarding and the return is clear. James Whybrow, Director of Work Force Development. South Staffordshire College.

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