Chicka Elloy

Concierge of Effective Communication

Chicka Elloy is the Executive Director of Elevate Intelligence, a communication training company for thirsty entrepreneurs, executives and educators.

As an award winning blogger and published author Chicka has contributed to USA Today Education, Huff Post Live and was featured in Target's first Virtual Runway. His work in effective communication and human capital has included 25 countries presenting to 75,000+ students over the past two decades.

As an Australian now based in Atlanta, Chicka is a sought-after consultant and has used his development of brain-based research with best practices for a number of la-di-da companies including: Apple UK, Microsoft Malaysia and USA Basketball. His live keynotes and programs with rising leaders have carpeted Stanford, UCLA, Cornell, Brown and Wake Forest.

Chicka is authentic, interactive and playful and his events are designed for application to teach the why behind what we do from the front of the room.

For more epic adventures feel free to contact directly.

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