Cesar Matsumoto

Dialogue teacher, human development facilitator

Cesar is an experienced dialogue teacher and facilitator. He has co-created the Sao Paulo School of Dialogue in 2008 and has helped hundreds of students to develop their dialogue and communication skills.

Has recently founded Ananda - Human Developement. A company focused on developing human potential, harmony in relations, self-knowledge and consciousness.

Living in Brazil, Cesar was part of the design team for ELIAS (Emerging Leaders Innovate Accross Sectors) Brazil initiative, an with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Presencing Institute program.

He is also an innovation consultant and facilitator, who helps companies, NGOs and governments to create innovative projects in a collaborative, multi-stakeholder approach.

His main fields of work are:

- Dialogue and harmony in relations

- Human development, self-knowledge and consciousness

- Human Centered Design, Design Thinking

- Leadership development and Theory U

- Spirituality and meditation

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