Cavan Flynn

Bitcoin Enthusiast

I am a senior at Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY. I am a Business Administration major with minors in Computer Science and Graphic Communications. I have been a Bitcoin enthusiast ever since I stumbled upon the digital currency in July 2012. This is when the price of Bitcoin was increasing from around $6.50 to only $10.00! Since then, countless hours have been spent reading articles and studies that discuss every aspect of Bitcoin, the technology, and the industry being built around it. I started trading Bitcoin using a variety of exchanges in March 2013. From there I went on to trade additional crypto-currencies, called Altcoins, until their volume decreased to the point where it was no longer profitable. Lately, I have been studying other applications for Bitcoin's public ledger, called the Blockchain. Through all of these experiences, I have gained much more than a simple understanding of Bitcoin. I thoroughly understand its culture, its history, and why more and more people are developing a fascination for the technology. I have both the knowledge and the passion to create a fun and interesting course that will get people excited about Bitcoin. It doesn't stop there though, I continuously keep up with the latest Bitcoin news and will continually be updating the course.

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