Carmit Goldstien

E-commerce coach

I'm 34 years old from Tel - Aviv Israel. I spent over a decade working in customer service call centers. I gave tech support for over 2 years in a cellphone company. I managed overseas subscriptions for a major newspaper.

I am a landmark education leadership program graduate and participated in many life coaching seminars as well as many sales seminars.

Last year i decided i had enough of making money for other people as i desided to take an online course in israel about dropshipping from Amazon to Ebay.

I quickly discoverd an exiting world of entrepreneuring and working from home and build a top rated selling account on ebay within 4 months.

Today I have expanded in two other working from home carries in SEO and as a campain manager.

Join me in this exciting journey in to independence and web entrepreneuring .

I belive in you !

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