Mr Carl Bedward

The Property Investment Mentor

Hi! I'm Carl Bedward.

I have been involved in property since late 1986 when I took over the running of a company specializing in refurbishing properties for local authorities and housing associations. In an average year we would refurbish between 180- 250 properties; everything from a £500 'make it safe to let' job to a £20k+ full revamp.

It was during this time that I became interested in owning property myself. I would often come across properties that were being sold off by our clients because the felt they had become 'un-lettable' and were being offered for sale at below market value. I remember thinking at the time 'Why would I want that? It's a horrible house in an equally horrible area, and no one wants to live there; and those that have lived there just mistreated it and /or didn't pay the rent and were evicted!"  It never occurred to me that I could do the whole thing a hell of a lot better. 

Until 1994.  That was the year I actually took action and purchased my first buy to let property and I have never looked back.  More importantly, I have never stopped learning and have managed to acquire a wealth of knowledge which I love to share with others who wish to get started in property or have started but got stuck on their journey.

Not only have I done the 'hard yards' and already completed nearly 30 years of 'on the ground' intensive real property experience but I am still doing it today and intend to carry on doing it. To me it's a pleasure to do and nothing like most people's perception of work!

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