Calvin Bowden

Online Course Instructor

 I am passionate about learning and passing on what I know to others. I believe that the best way to teach is through online courses.


I have always been excited about life and I love working on computers and video editing. I have a successful online Dropshipping business.  I also enjoy relaxing by participating in extreme sports and cooking.

I started working and playing on computers at a very young age. I wasn’t always able to afford the best computers and had to resort to my ingenuity to build up computers as well as maintain them. This thought me a great deal about how computers work.

Along the way I have had a stream of people knocking on my door asking for help with their computer problems. I found that I had a talent for identifying and fixing computers. I also discovered that I have skills to pass on, which inspired me, together with my brother, a qualified video photographer and editor, to build online courses. 

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