Curtis Seare and Ginette Methot

Curtis is Director of Analytics with 8+ Years of Experience

Hi there! I'm Curtis Seare, and I'm Ginette Methot, and we cohost an Austin-based podcast called Data Crunch. We are passionate that, no matter where you are or what work you do, you can learn to be data literate in a data-focused world, not only to understand a changing world culture, but also to do fascinating things, because you can with the right tools and instruction. We're excited to introduce you to a new world of wonder.  

Curtis Seare

I didn't know I would end up working with data. In fact, I thought I was headed to get a PhD in Chemistry, but that all changed when I decided to go into business instead. Now I've worked for over eight years in the data space. I received my master's from Northwestern in Predictive Analytics, and I am now the Director of Analytics at an Austin-based startup, where I work in the thick of data every day. I'll teach you what I've learned over the years. 

Ginette Methot

I'm new to data (so that's why I know that if I can pick it up, you definitely can!). My degrees are in the humanities and English, and I've worked as an editor and writer for many years—so very far from data. But is it? There's a TON of work being done in traditionally non-data-focused fields, including English and humanities. So let your imagination run wild with what might be possible with data in your field, and gain the tools to bring that dream to life.

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