Professor Jeremy Lovelace

Strategy Consultant

I am passionate about strategy!

I became interested in strategy and game theory during my undergraduate degree in War Studies at London University. From there I went into the financial markets, where I worked as a trader and hedge fund consultant focused on black-box, algorithm-driven and probabilistic strategies, and I became a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst.

After working for many years under the guidance of the former head of Mckinsey’s Connecticut office, I now run a boutique strategy consulting firm specializing in data-driven strategy optimization, and have helped every size of business across multiple sectors - from Global 500 manufacturing companies to tech-start-ups - with strategic planning.

I am also an MBA, graduating with merit from Manchester Business School with a thesis on supply chain risk management, and the author of a book on data-driven strategy optimisation.

I am really excited to be sharing my knowledge and experience with you!

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