Rich Hungerford

Survival, Tracking and Combatives Instuctor

Rich Hungerford is a former Australian SAS soldier, team leader and instructor who now teaches survival, tracking and bushcraft skills at his Bush Lore Australia Survival School in Queensland, Australia.

This modern day warrior seeks to pass on his extensive experience to people with the aim of fostering within them a true sense of self-reliance and empowering them through the platforms of emotional intelligence, common sense and awareness of their personal strengths and limitations.

Rich teaches a process of 'Total Survival' be that in the wilderness, the urban jungle or on the battlefield. His aim is to equip people with the skills, knowledge and wisdom to survive anything anywhere. He teaches techniques and methodologies that are reliable, replicable and devoid of unnecessary complication. 'Keep it simple stupid' is his guiding principle to ensure that what he teaches works under the dynamic stress of life and death situations. 

With over twenty-five years of professional survival and tracking experience Rich has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and has been there and done it. Accordingly, survival is not just a hobby or an interest for Rich, it is what he does.  He has sought to successfully blend both the military, the traditional and the naturalist perspectives in a way that offers course participants access to a unique depth of knowledge in survival, tracking and combative skills.

Rich continues to explore his passion for the natural environment, to train, develop survival systems and enjoys passing on his experience to others. He lives in rural Australia with his wife and daughters.     

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