bruce keiffer

Numerologist, Astrologer, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotist

Bruce Keiffer

Certified Professional Personal, Business Numerologist, NLP Practitioner, Western,
Eastern Astrologer, Human Design Specialist, is bringing to the Udemy Platform a complete a new novel approach to the ancient science of Numerology.

"My goal is to bring the Power and Knowledge of Numerology To the Modern
Day world and infuse it in the modern way of being and thinking."

Here Is Why!

The Ancients Knew Numerology can be used to 

Better Understand One's Life Purpose And Self

Can Help Time Events That Can Provide Success For You.

Can Help You Find And Improve Your Personal And Family Relationships.

Can Shape Your Career, And Align You To Your Desires, And Life Goals.


I am very active on Social Media.
Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, More

I am an 11 life path, have been active in the field for years, and
have done thousands of readings in person, and online. 

To enhance them I combine my knowledge readings with
Astrology, Human Design, NLP, Hypnosis, and Chinese Astrology.

Human Energy Therapy. 

The knowledge That I am sharing and bringing to the table
is not taught in schools. 

Join Me As I Share The Knowledge, And The Power Of
Modern Day Numerology With You. 

It can and has changed Lives!

Get Started Today!


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