Brock Shinen, Esq.

Experienced Attorney, Author, Speaker and Consultant

Brock Shinen is the founder and owner of Law Office of Brock Shinen, Inc. Brock is a seasoned attorney with extensive experience in negotiations, transactions, and counseling. He is highly regarded for his ability to timely assess complex situations, and architect/implement creative and compelling solutions. His experience covers a wide range of industries, including software, design, social networking, entertainment, event planning, consulting, non-profit, religious, distribution, medical, education, fashion, law, product development, manufacturing, food services, and farming. Brock’s areas of emphasis include intellectual property (copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets), entertainment (music, literary, art, film), and business startup and operations.

In his intellectual property practice, Brock zeroes in on brand and IP asset protection strategy, as well as education and audits/policy. To supplement his intellectual property practice, Brock writes and speaks extensively about the subject and has been cited by a number of domestic and international organizations in connection with his work in this arena. His online white paper, "Can You Copyright A Tweet," is an authoritative response to the issue of copyright in the digital age, and has been cited by countless substantive treatments of the subject.

In his entertainment practice, Brock advises large and small record labels, music publishers, recording artists, songwriters, New York Times bestselling authors, galleries and artists, as well as screenwriters, producers and filmmakers. His expertise in each entertainment sub-industry is characterized by thoughtful and knowledgeable counsel, and an excellent rapport with industry figures. Brock elected to further emphasize the “Christian” demographic of entertainment and is a highly sought after counselor to many of the top Christian worship artists/songwriters and literary writers.

Brock’s business practice is unique in that he is known not for merely executing legal duties, but for taking the time to understand the culture and context of each business he represents. His clients tap him for business wisdom and guidance, and he has helped many businesses develop and grow well beyond anticipated projections. One of Brock’s core competencies in business representation is in systemic analysis, in that he views each transaction in the greater context of overall business needs and objectives, and is able to critically assess the best way for a business to achieve its objectives. Brock’s representation includes global business leaders who influence millions.

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