Brian Scroggins

Web and Mobile Developer

I'm a 23 year old web and mobile developer with experience in multiple languages and technologies. Studying at Georgetown University I learned to program in C++ and Java as well as HTML and Javascript. I feel in love with programming and decided to push the programming skills outside the classroom to include Objective-C and iOS, HTML5 and CSS3, and AngularJs and Node.JS. I have been honing my skills as a developer for the past three years because I believe technology can help shape our wold in a positive manner. This is why learning to program is essential. It gives people the power to create, to turn ideas into reality which is an amazing feeling!

I truly believe anyone can learn to programming. From my experience both in and out of the classroom as well as releasing both apps to the iOS store and web apps online I understand what it takes to not only learn programming but learn in an effective way.

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