Brian Ottum

Market Research Guru with Ph.D.

For 20 years, Brian has helped companies gather the insights they need to create successful innovations.His consulting practice is focused on the proper market research methods & analytics to create new product ideas, screen concepts, optimize product design, and set price.Because similar tools apply across all industries, Brian has participated in hundreds of projects spanning consumer packaged goods, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, medical devices, chemicals, high tech, law, energy, automotive, publishing, finance and consumer durables.

Brian started his career as a chemical engineer at Procter & Gamble, and also earned an MBA. His Ph.D. was focused on market research during new product development.His dissertation found what separates success from failure by studying 60 new product projects. The #1 factor was market research insights.

Brian has an encyclopedic command of the full range of market research & analytical tools.He has developed state-of-the-art research methods in consumer needs identification (using KJ analysis), catching online survey cheaters (using four programming changes), and product optimization/pricing (using Van Westendorp, conjoint analysis, & discrete choice modeling).

Brian is frequent speaker on innovation topics at national conferences and at company sites.He has written chapters in four books on new product development tools.

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