Brian Scotto

Senior Developer

I have been interested in computers and technology all of my life. I was lucky enough to have access to a computer at a young age and growing up I always wondered how it worked. I first taught myself how to program in 7th grade using books from the library and continued learning the art of programming throughout high school and into college. For my undergraduate degree I majored in computer science and followed that with a master's degree in software engineering. While in undergraduate school I began working full time as a developer and continued both school and work full time until I graduated college. I've had the opportunity to work for four different companies throughout my 10+ year professional career and have been able to work on everything from embedded micro-controllers to big data applications deployed on the cloud.

I am excited to share my knowledge in a way that was impossible when I was learning. My goal on Udemy is to reach individuals with a hunger for learning technology and give them the foundation they need to be successful. How computers really work remains a mystery to many, even some IT professionals and programmers, but knowing how things happen on the lowest level is very helpful when solving difficult problems.

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